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About the Ohio State Mortar Board Alumni Council


Ohio State Mortar Board Alumni Council, 2018-2019

The Ohio State Mortar Board Alumni Council was formed following the 75th anniversary celebration in 1989, with its primary purpose of offering support to the student chapter. After raising funds for the Mortar Board Court and the celebratory events, there was a small sum of money leftover. The 75th anniversary committee established the Alumni Council to be the stewards of that money and support the Mabel G. Freeman Chapter of Mortar Board at The Ohio State University.

The Council has up to 25 members (click here for the roster). The current chapter advisors are ex officio with the Council and quarterly meetings are attended by the current chapter alumni chair and chapter president. The president of the Greater Columbus Alumni Chapter also attends ex officio. We meet at the Mortar Board National Office and the Executive Director also attends ex officio.

Over the years, Council members and a other alumni and friends have contributed to the Mortar Board Council development and current use funds held by The Ohio State University Foundation. These funds enabled us to have an 85th celebration in 1999 and to continue support for the active chapter, particularly assisting with annual initiation-related expenses. Some funds remaining after the Centennial celebration also went to the Council’s account. In 2015, the Council initiated the Second Century of Excellence Campaign, an annual appeal to our alumni for financial support for the Ohio State chapter.


The Alumni Council members act as stewards of our gifts to the university. They maintain a relationship with the university’s Office of Facilities Operations & Development regarding the Mortar Board Court and with the Thompson Library leadership regarding the Mortar Board Centennial Suite.  

The Council welcomes the involvement and input of all Ohio State Mortar Board alumni across the country and around the world. We look forward to staying in touch as we move into Mortar Board’s second century.

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